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Dark Secrets - Book 2 of A Vested Interest series
No Secrets - Book 3 of A Vested Interest series
Stones, Stars and Solutions - Book 4 of A Vested Interest series
Leap of Faith - Book 5 of A Vested Interest series
Regret and Retribution - Book 6 of A Vested Interest series
Consequences - Book 7 of A Vested Interest series
Ashes to Ashes - Book 8 of A Vested Interest series
Dust to Dust - Book 9 of A Vested Interest series
Raging Storm - Book 1 of Blood of the Rainbow - an A Vested Interest prequel series
Roses and Regret - Book 2 of Blood of the Rainbow prequel series
Choice and Change - Book 3 of Blood of the Rainbow prequel series
A Vested Interest - Book 1 of A Vested Interest series
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Welcome to 'A Vested Interest's website


A nanobug
Not a nanonyte - this one's a nanobug.
...is a term invented for nano sized robots used for a variety of purposes in the A Vested Interest series of books. They first appeared in 2011, used by Liu in the second book of the series, 'Dark Secrets'.

  • They are used inside the human body to clear (and cause) obstructions.
  • They are used to create 3-D objects (think Star Trek replicators and 3-D printers).
  • As an invisible dust they are used to spy on people.
  • They are used to create a defensive force field.
  • In 'Leap of Faith', book five of the series, they are used to make things invisible.
  • In one of the books, Consequences, some prisoners are tortured and killed using nanonytes, after they made the mistake of getting caught.
  • In space they are used to create a huge telescope mirror, miles across, to explore for habitable planets.

Nanonytes can be programmed for a particular function. They self-assemble more of themselves as required, taking and adapting materials from their environment to do so. To prevent a 'grey dust' scenario where they would convert the entire world to nanonytes, there is a limit to the number of times they may replicate without further programming.

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